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Obviously, I run a lot of sites, both for myself and my clients. Managing these used to take a loooong day every week. This overhead seriously affects earnings and, to be honest, is a major bore. Updating 30+ plugins on every site is not a money maker but, if you don’t do it or delay it to monthly, you are open to getting hacked (WordPress 2013 vulnerabilities ring a huge bell).

The answer I found was InfiniteWP’s brilliant programme. The usual plugin installation, combined with a simple installation on my server = A day of golf per week (Just kidding, I’m still here working!).

I update all my sites with one click every day. This FREE programe has saved me $30,000 a year – So what are you waiting for? (Oh, you have money and time to burn?) grab it quick before they want to charge for it. WordPress Issues.

A fellow Internet Citizen, Natalie Sisson, had a nasty experience with an external developer and lost her whole site, sadly, a frequent occurence when you don’t set up a robust backup system and learn how to restore it. “All was rosy and going sooo well. I was having one of my best financial weeks ever, especially since affiliate payouts come in the first week of the month……until Thursday happened.

I’d hired someone on oDesk to mobile optimize my site and was all set to tell you how it looked in this very email. Except it all went wrong and the guy somehow managed to screw up everything. I’d started noticing something was wrong on Sunday during the retreat when I checked and saw the site looking odd and content missing. Emails back and forth and promises of fixes from the contractor, and I carried on with my retreat, and then into a busy week.

More things were going wrong and I asked my friend to help with making a back-up of the site and see what he could do when I sensed this was all about to turn pear shaped. Then on Thursdy morning I woke up to find that I no longer had a website. I had a ˜forbidden request denied error message on a blank page.”

I had clients last year who got hacked due to the shortcomings of WordPress itself. It took less than 10 minutes to fully restore 2 whole sites due to having good backups. For WordPress I reccommend Updraft plus for backing up, UpdraftPlus is the highest-ranking backup plugin on rankwp.com (ranks in the top 50 out of 30,000 WordPress plugins for quality on rankwp.com and it’s free.

It simplifies backups (and restoration) by backing up to the cloud if you have your own Amazon S3 account, or Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud, DreamObjects, FTP, SFTP, SCP, WebDAV, OpenStack Swift, Bitcasa and email – yeah that’s a lot of options right there and restores with a single click. Backups of files and database can have separate schedules.

That’s why you need quality advice from professionals – We’re here to help you all the way. Cloud Storage and Backups. Do you do backups? Bet you don’t!! We all mean to backup our data but always seem to find other things more interesting to occupy our time. One day, the dreaded nightmare happens – a drive fails, your laptop or phone gets stolen! Yup, been there, done that (twice) myself.

Had a hard drive fail and lost all my emails when an ISP wiped them and denied doing so! The solution that suits a lazy (or busy!) person is to have a ‘set and forget’ solution. This is where a synchronised cloud storage solution is brilliant. I have a desktop folder I can drop items into for backup and can also set which individual folders on my system I want synchronised in the background (Documents, Photos etc.).

The advantages don’t stop there, I can access my files from an internet cafe or the library, from a phone

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