Wish Research

Our powerful eCommerce Product Research Software will quickly analyze thousands of products on wish.com for your own eCommerce stores!

The research software is designed to save you hundreds of hours of researching to find the best selling products for your eCommerce store FAST!

Wish Research 9
Get 26+ Data Columns for EVERY Product! We will quickly extract products from Wish.com for any keyword using powerful search options to see the exact top selling products you need for your own eCommerce stores! You will get 26 different metrics for every relevant Wish.com product making it easier than ever to find the EXACT products to dropship.
Wish Research 10

Import Unlimited Product Reviews into Shopify & WooCommerce!

One of the best ways to get MORE sales is to display product reviews, and our Wish Researcher makes it SUPER easy!

We can quickly generate a reviews import file for any given wish.com product!

Plus, you can import an unlimited number of reviews for unlimited number of products.

With the ability to select the top positive reviews providing your store with the best reviews, you get the best credibility. 

Import UNLIMITED Products into Shopify & WooCommerce! It’s never been easier to import hundreds of products directly into your Shopify & WooCommerce stores in just minutes! We will import the products into your store and auto-generate the sale price from your markup percentage. We will also auto-generate a regular price from the predefined discount percentage! Plus, we also auto-generates useful SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) for each imported product variation. Additionally, all image variations, color variations, and size variations are all properly imported!
Wish Research 11
Wish Research 12

Unlimited Product Images & Details!

Product images, product descriptions & details are no problem.

All the image variations and details for an unlimited number of products directly from Wish.com!

Use the images in your own stores and easily get the product descriptions and titles from easy-to-use text files.

All products are conveniently organized into folders and files for easy access. The downloaded products and descriptions are supplied in compressed zip files.