Terms and Conditions

About the website we will build for you :

The Website:
The Website will be developed based on WordPress. eCommerce will be by WooCommerce if chosen.

Themes will be any theme from our selection or a standard theme available on the WordPress theme section. Premium themes can be used but at an extra cost. Some complicated themes will require extra work, so please ask for a quote for extra work before selecting or supplying a theme.

Pagebuilders – We do not use or include them.

No hacked or stolen materials can, or will, be included in the site.

eCommerce is NOT included, but is available as an extra.

Pages – 4 main pages are included.

Google requires the following extra pages (Only those relevant to your site) :

  • Privacy policy
  • Copyright notices
  • Terms and conditions of use
  • Disclaimers
  • Accessibility information
  • Abuse or complaints contact information
  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Corporate policies
  • About Us
  • Contact Details
  • Affiliate Disclaimer
  • Copyright Statement.

We will include any of these pages in the price but they must be supplied by you in a format we can copy easily to the site.

Images :

  • Image size – Minimum 300 x 300px for products
  • Backgrounds, headers etc. – Please ask
  • Logos – Please ask as it varies by theme and placement
  • Must either be owned by you or be Creative Commons
  • 72dpi with no image exceeding 150Kb in size. Alteration is an extra cost.
    Content :
  • Must be ‘Ready to publish’ – Editing is extra
  • You take full responsibility for ensuring you have the right to use the content.
  • Must be organised by web page title/heading.
    Style :
  • Style and positioning/presentation is set by the theme.
  • NO adjustments to this are possible.
  • All themes have options that cover a lot of variables but requests like “Please move the logo to the middle” are not possible.
  • If in doubt – Please discuss before we start.

Please understand :

We are building you a ‘Starter’ site. The bells and whistles you see on other sites are more work and cost accordingly. Normally a custom website would cost $2000 and more.