SiteLock Scam Alert

Beware of SiteLock – EIG’s latest scam

. They started offering a ‘service’ called SiteLock that is supposed to prevent you getting malware on your site and then help you remove any you get. They use levels from ‘Alert’ to ‘Repair’ and they charge hundreds of dollars. Sounds good until you look closely at the offer. What they offer is easily covered by free services, so no real value so far. Where it gets interesting is when they send you an alert. I received two on the weekend – one for each of two sites I own. I diligently checked the first site with WordFence and a malware scanner – All clean, so I asked for more info. Whilst waiting, I got another warning email for this site. VERY interesting. This site is not hosted at Hostgator (Used to be – months ago). The ‘site’ at Hostgator is am empty folder. How can you have malware in an empty folder? (Spoiler alert – You can’t). I asked for more info again. An image duly arrived of some random characters that were supposedly in my empty folder.

I have reported them to the ICCC (FBI and other Government agency website that investigates scams)

I did some research and discovered that SiteLock will infect your site with malware if you don’t comply.

So, if you know anybody hosting with an EIG company – warn them. They need to run away as fast as possible. Looks like I produced the ‘How to build my own Virtual Private Server’ book just in time.


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