All major search engines require websites to have certain ingredients for a higher ranking. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy ensures the key areas such as keywords, meta tags, navigation structure and content are optimized to improve organic rankings. We strive to make your site SEO friendly as well as user-friendly.

SEO does not stop there though. Google wants to see that people are talking about you on social media as well. We have you covered with automated posting solutions and manual post creation. Whether content is yours or you need us to find content for you – we have you covered.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process for getting your site and content listed in Google, Bing and other search engines. The higher the rank, the more customers see your site when they search.

There are three main areas to focus on. One is the content – It’s uniqueness and value to the website visitor, the second is the technical aspects of keywords, image descriptions for the disabled etc. and the third is the popularity of the site.

Google has over 200 ‘Ranking factors’ (and many hidden ones to stop people gaming the results)

As SEO experts, we do our best to address the three areas outlined above to achieve the  highest ranking we can for you. Bear in mind that those sites in the number one position sometimes spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve the number one spot. If you want to be number one in a very competitive niche it will not be quick and not be cheap. Do not despair though – there are other ways, for example, your business might be called ‘Blue Widgets’ – we can get that name ranked whereas we can’t rank you as highly for ‘Widgets’.

Local SEO allows you to shine when people look for “Blue widgets in my town”, another area where we can help you promote your business.

Content needs to provide value to your customers – not just a publicity piece on you. Here we use clever technical writing to promote your content to rank in the search results. Carefully structured and linked content will increase your visibility. Keywords and headers, lists and infographics all make a difference.

Finally we come to your visibility. Visibility on relevant social media platforms can help a business immensely to engage with customers and manage their reputation in both good times and bad.

The other side of visibility is the promotion of your business through building links to your site from relevant sites. This gets other websites promoting your site and using your content with acknowledgement as a market authority.