SEO Experts Worth Following

If you are going to take advice – Take it from the industry experts. Here’s a roundup of the best there is.

1) Matt Cutts: Matt is head of the web-spam team at Google. He writes about the latest Google updates and he’s usually the first to know. He is one of the few people who can provide insights about the Google changes that usually take everybody by surprise.

Matt is very good at explaining even the most complex and abstract SEO notions using everyday language. If you are looking for a “dummies” edition of a SEO guide, just take a peek at his blog, where you’ll find lots of interesting information about SEO, gadgets and Google.

Don’t know how Google’s most radical changes could impact your rankings? Don’t know how to adapt to new challenges brought by search engines? Just ask Cutts. If you’re in luck and your question is really interesting, he will offer you an answer in a video posted on YouTube.

2) Rand Fishkin: He is the CEO of Moz and a widely respected SEO expert. The Moz blog is one of the most popular SEO blogs on the Web and is followed by thousands of people. It’s run by Rand + reputable guest bloggers. Moz offers the Moz Bar, a free browser downloadable add-on toolbar, which is the best way to find out the Domain Authority of a site. For good information about ‘Page Rank’ visit:

Rand, the “Wizard of Moz at Moz”, is definitely a great teacher for anyone who wants to improve their SEO skills. He is also the co-founder of and the Art of SEO. If SEO is really an art, then Fishkin is a genuine contemporary artist. He runs multiple blogs and is obsessed with anything associated with search, social signals and content.

3) Danny Sullivan: SearchEngineLand is one of the best, unbiased, factual sources for SEO information, news, and help. Danny Sullivan is the big name on this site. Whenever users need to confirm a rumor that has created a stir in the SEO community, get an opinion on a new SEO prediction, or obtain an accurate explanation for search engine updates that impact their optimization efforts, they turn to SearchEngineLand.

4) Loren Baker: The founder of SearchEngineJournal, a high ranking, popular resource for finding quality SEO news and research, is a well known and trusted SEO guru. Since research is the solid foundation for any project involving SEO or content creation, it’s definitely advisable to check out the latest posts published on this site. Baker likes to keep himself very busy. Apart from being the founder of Search Engine Journal, he also runs Foundation Digital, a company specializing in digital marketing strategies, and is the advisor for Alpha Brand Media.

5) Neil Patel: Born in 1985 in London, Patel is the founder of CrazyEgg, Hello Bar and KISSMetrics. He thinks that he was born with a priceless gift: the ability to help webmasters get “a ton of eyeballs” on their webpages. He guarantees significant website traffic increases in only 3 months. One of his sites, KISSMetrics is a real boon for content creators, marketers and webmasters who are looking for the simplest, fastest method to stay relevant in the SEO community and improve their profits.

6) Joe Hall: Hall knows more than a thing or two about SEO, internet marketing and web development. In 2009, Hall introduced a social media search tool entitled This accomplishment brought him to the attention of major players and prestigious institutions, including MIT and the Department of Homeland Security. So, if you are looking for a specialist who can handle any type of Internet marketing challenge, Hall is definitely your guy. He founded 22 Media LLC, a company that he closed in December 2012 when he decided to work for Internet Marketing Ninjas. As a Senior Marketing Analyst, he provides accurate answers to questions related to social media, online marketing and web development.

7) Geoff Kenyon: If your one and only purpose in life is to build or consolidate a perfectly healthy online business and keep Google on your side for the longest period of time, Geoff Kenyon is your man. The online marketing and SEO expert from Distilled’ specializes in link building, ecommerce and technical SEO, which are the basic components for conquering online markets.

Whether you want to create focused web content without wasting any words, wish to discover the hidden secrets of online marketing or plan to find out what factors actually helped big brands succeed where others have failed, you’ll find some very interesting points of view by checking out the most recent posts published by Distilled.

8) Mike Ramsey: Ramsey is the owner of Nifty Marketing, a company that has a very seductive promise: “We make local SEXY”. So, if you’re looking for killer local search marketing tactics that actually work, look to Nifty Marketing to get inspired.

9) Jon Cooper: Cooper owns Point Blank SEO. It’s no secret that links are the core of Google’s algorithms. Backlinks are extremely important and are the central piece of any off-page optimization plan. If you know very little or nothing at all about backlinks, turn to John Cooper for advice and useful info on this subject. Point Blank SEO provides novices with a free link building guide which can be obtained via email. Cooper also offers free link building courses for both beginners and pros.

10) Express Writers Content Creators: Last, but not least, the Express Writers Blog is another exceptional SEO guide that you can check out. The copywriting team writes & posts original, up-to-date resource articles about press releases, blogs, new Google updates, etc.

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