Natalie Sisson – Suitcase Entrepreneur

It was April 2010 when I decided to take my overriding passion and turn it into a fully-fledged business.

In December, I became The Suitcase Entrepreneur! And I began my mission to help both men and women who wanted greater freedom in business and adventure in life.

How do I run my profitable mobile business?
To tell the truth, my business has been built by a whole lot of determination and hustle! It consists of nine major revenue streams that have grown organically out of my blog and subsequent brand building:

– Digital product and program sales
– My foundational program – The Freedom Plan
– Compensation for recommending products, programs and tools I adore
– Podcast Sponsorship with awesome companies I am proud to align with
– My No #1 Bestselling Suitcase Entrepreneur book (with more to come)
– Paid speaking gigs around the world!

My Business and Lifestyle Vision
My life changed again in 2013 when I decided to publicly state my vision for my business and life – what I wanted to achieve in the next three years. I did this by making a ‘Painted Picture’ and I shared it on my blog and through Slideshare. Since then, over 60% has come true!

This initiative has had over 48,000 views to date and has been shared all around the world, for which I’m really honoured. It has directly helped people create their own and take action, for which I’m grateful.

In January 2015, I created my NEW vision for life and business along with my ‘grand plans’ to create the World’s first Global Freedom Study, and much more…

I’d be honoured if you read it now like over 17,000 others!      View Here

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