New : Mail With Gmail + GSuite Account & Get A Powerful Boost In Your Email Marketing

MailEngine Cracks Open The Inboxing Code & Makes Smaller List Marketers Successful Again

With Our 4 Killer Feature That Are Not In Aweber, GetResponse Or Any Other AR

  • Mail Using Gmail / GSuite
  • Every mail you send is unique
  • Uniquify the URL in every mail
  • In-built Spam words checker

Killer Email Marketing Features You’ve Never Seen Before In Any Autoresponder System Yet

Send your marketing emails using GMail or GSuite with built-in GMail’s API Integration.

Every mail you send out can be 100% unique with powerful in-built content spinner so Email Sites can’t recognize it as mass mail.

Powerful list marketing features include sequencing, mailing opens & unopens, and list management.

Breakthrough URL Spinner makes every URL unique without HTTP redirection so Email Sites think every email is unique.

Self-hosted. Runs inside WordPress. 100% in your control. Never get banned.

In-built spam words filter recognize spam words and warns you to remove them to improve inboxing.

Email Marketing Is Still The Dominant Marketing Method & It Will Remain So...

Mail Engine 1

Let me ask you to do a simple test.

When did you last email one of your friends or family?

If you can’t remember when, welcome to the rest of the world. The fact is, no one emails their friends or family anymore except for forwarding documents.

If they want to talk, they text.

So what is email used for?

For trade.

Buying, selling, receiving info about products, transactions, that’s what Email is used for.

When your customer logs into his email, he’s not expecting to find mail from his family. Your customers are already in mood for business when they log into email.

That’s why Email Marketing will never go out of fashion. It’s the world’s preferred method of discovering what is there to buy.

Here’s A Big Reason Why You Can’t Inbox

Mail Engine 2

Email clients like GMail, Yahoo etc have quite sophisticated algorithms to work with incoming mails.

One of the primary signals for them is the mail volume. How much email did they receive of a certain type, and how did the receivers react to it.

Based on the recipient response the emails are classified and put in either Inbox, Updates or Promotions.

You hit Gmail with thousands of emails, all with the same text and the same URL and it immediately knows that it’s a marketing email.


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