How to Get Free Blog Backlinks for Your Website

Blog comment marketing is one of the most powerful tools in an affiliate Internet marketer’s arsenal.

Blog comment backlinking is the act of visiting websites with the purpose of submitting comments and opinions through the website’s comment form. As opposed to websites with little dynamic content, blogs typically attract more traffic and higher “search engine authority” than their static website counterparts.

How to Get Free Blog Backlinks for Your Website 9

When used responsibly, this powerful method can provide a boon of high-quality backlinks for your turnkey website business. Furthermore, using this technique increases your site’s search engine ranking and helps to attract targeted audience members to your turnkey website business.

How to Use Blogs for Backlinks and Traffic

There are two things to keep in mind when submitting comments:

  • Comments and forum articles that appear to be overly promotional almost never get approved. If your comment doesn’t get approved, you won’t earn a backlink and even worse, you may lose credibility as being a “spammer”.
  • Comments should be well-written and add value to the article on which you are commenting. The value you add can be a shared experience, a disagreement, a well-crafted question, or a opinion. But above all, it must not be “spammy”.

To illustrate these points, take a look at the following comment left on a real website:

How to Get Free Blog Backlinks for Your Website 10

Source: Ask Dave Taylor

Needless to say, this comment was not approved.

So how do you write comments that are valuable yet still generates the traffic and ranking your website business needs?

The first important step to achieving this is to identify websites and forums that are relevant to your website niche. This can be done very simply with a few easy Google search tricks.

Let’s learn how.

How to Find Websites for Comment Backlinks

First, we’ll use the camping example from our Free Turnkey Affiliate Marketing Tips article to see how Google can be used to find high-quality comment opportunities.

Step #1. Visit

Step #2. Enter the following text in the Google search box exactly the way it is shown below. Be sure to include all quotes and symbols.

How to Get Free Blog Backlinks for Your Website 11

After you copy and paste the above text into your Google search bar, hit the search button.

You should now see a Google search result page for your query. You can already see how this works. Our query has told Google to return results that are related to camping, has a blog, and allow visitors to comment. Perfect! (Of course, you can use this custom Google search for any keyword, just change the word “camping” to the keyword you want to target.)

Step #3. Click on the search results to find an article where you can leave a relative and informative comment. By “relative and informative” I mean:

  • Your comment is directly related to the subject matter of the article
  • You provide useful information, such as a link, statistic, personal experience, or other information that will add real value to the comment thread. Comments like “Thanks,” “Great article,” or “I agree” just doesn’t cut it.

Composing Your Comment

Step #4. Add your website link to the Website or URL field in the comment form

Step #5. Here’s a real piece of comment marketing magic:

Instead of using your real name in the “Name” comment field, use a keyword or two related to your turnkey website niche. By using a keyword (as seen in the above graphic), you will help your website rank higher for this keyword phrase when people search for “Camping Gear” on Google. The higher you rank then the more people will visit your website get — and more visitors equals, naturally, more money.

How to Get Free Blog Backlinks for Your Website 12
Example of a Typical Comment Form

Step #6. Write your comment, keeping it relative and informative.

Step #7. Click “Submit”.

You have just generated a high-quality backlink for your online website business. Congratulations!

Remember that backlink marketing requires patience and determination. It can a week or two of comment backlinking for you to notice an increase in traffic to your website, and the work doesn’t stop there! You should be performing consistent backlink marketing in order to ensure a profitable top-page search rank. In fact, we recommend that you set aside at least a half hour each week to leave comment backlinks for you website business.

Simply put: The more time you spend acquiring backlinks, then the more traffic will be driven to your website and the more money you will make. The results are up to you!

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