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Write QUALITY Articles In 17 Seconds or Less

Tired of spending hours researching and writing content for your site? Sick of paying writers to produce content only to rewrite what they do anyway? FIREPost totally and completely removes all the hard work of copywriting so you can focus on growing your site and making money.

I know 17 seconds is a crazy claim and you’re right to be sceptical, but give me just a minute to give undeniable proof that this will save you both time and money.

Here’s Exactly How FIREPost Works

  • Step 01

    Grab an existing article on your topic

  • Step 02

    Select the uniqueness level and click the spin’ button

  • Step 03

    Grab the new and totally unique article to put on your site.

This Service Has All The Bells And Whistles That Every Site Owner Needs

  • Quality + uniqueness selector
  • Copy and paste any text you want spun
  • Export and save functionality
  • Grab content from any website
  • No software to install and hassle with licensing. It’s all run in the cloud for you!
  • Ability to save spintax for all those hardcore SEOs and internet marketers

 But even more important is that this service is so easy to use that

non-tech geeks can completely and totally remove their content headaches

Listen To What Some Of Our Existing Customers Have To Say

Exactly how does FIREPost work so well?

It all started early in 2015 when I was looking for a solution to provide content for my 2000 site blog network. I looked out there at existing products and quickly saw how lacking they all were. Not only did all of them require bloated software installs and had seven million options I’d never use, but (more importantly) the quality of the spins was absolutely horrible. And why in the world are all these low quality products charging around $50/month?!

I have years of experience running several of the largest SEO sites (One Hour Indexing, Drip Feed Links, etc) and I’m VERY familiar with how Google treats poor quality content. I don’t want to get hit by a Google Panda attack (and have first-hand experience losing thousands of sites to Google attacks). It flat out sucks!

So I hired a team of PhD scientists to attack this problem head-on and produce an industry-leading solution. And after many man-years of effort, I have a content generating solution that I’m proud to put my name to and share with you. Some fun geek-speak bullets underpinning the tech…

We analyzed over 2 BILLION documents ranging from social media posts to New York Times articles to train the system on how to properly understand meanings behind text.

We utilized artificial intelligence algorithms to parse source articles to understand their meanings and offer a spun version that makes sense.

We put each article through a dozen layers of processing to correctly understand the meaning of words, proper nouns, phrases, and other language nuances to produce the best spin possible.

I can keep going on and on about how cool our tech is but the bottom line is a team of super smart guys with decades of experience in natural language processing have enabled me to share this power to you.

Content Writing is for the Birds

Look, I’m right here with you. There is almost nothing worse than staring at a blank page wondering what to write. (I guess worse would be getting hit with a Google Panda penalty for dupe/thin content!)

And even if you get lucky and find a great writer, you still have to manage them, come up with good topics, review their work before posting, AND pay them for every single article. It’s a management headache that costs you both time and money.

Solving this headache is EXACTLY why I made FIREPost! After all, if I can remove my own headache with this tool, I’m POSITIVE it’ll remove yours too!

And the proof is how much Google LOVES spun content…

Here is a great example of effectively using spun content to rank a client. This example is from September and is STILL ranking for many terms with their spun press release. They can make $50k or more with ONE lead, so you better believe they’re all about using the best systems possible!

Within a day, they were ranking in the top 5 for 13 different “buying” terms including 9 in the #1 position. (They’re still on page 1 for more than half of them without a single bit of maintenance.)

Bottom line: Google LOVES FIREPost’s spun content!

Watch How Easy FIREPost is to Use

Just think of how much pain and expense you’ll be removing by using FIREPost every day on your site. No more hiring expensive copywriters and no more slaving away for hours writing a single blog post. You now have automated content goodness right at your fingertips.

Completely Eliminate the Pain of Site Ownership and Content Creation

Nothing to Install

Fully cloud-based artificial intelligence text spinner that works from any computer. No worrying about constant software crashes or compatibility or license keys.

Nothing to Learn

Just past in your article and click a single button to produce a new article. It’s easier to use than Apple products!

Nobody to Manage

No hunting for writers, negotiating rates, managing editorial calendars, editing their work, and tracking time.


We’re proud to say we’ve never had a single case of a Panda attack due to content produced by Spinner Bros.

Full WordPress Integration

The service ties into WordPress to make it even more automated and powerful.

Now Take A Second And Imagine….

…what your life would be like after adding FIREPost to your toolbox. Imagine all the free time you’ll have to grow your site. Imagine all the money you’ll save paying writers. I think you’ll agree that it is going to be a game changer for your marketing efforts and save you hundreds or thousands a month in writing.

Here’s What You Get With FIREPost

  • Access to this unique cloud-based spinner
  • Fully control quality and uniqueness of the spins
  • Full WordPress integration
  • Load source articles from a URL, a file, or just copy/paste
  • Produce a single unique article or save spintax for trillions of unique articles
  • Ability to save spins for later, export them to a text file, or post directly to your WordPress site.


You now have the best spinner on the market… Now Let Me Really Stack The Deck In Your Favour By Fully Automating Your Content Posting Using Our Powerful WordPress Article Engine

Completely Hands Free Automation

Simply set the number of daily posts you want to make, the spin level, and the rest is done for you!


Catch Viral and Trending Topics

With our exclusive integration with, automatically find and post the most popular content.

(Trending Traffic subscription required – $17/m)

Virtually Unlimited Data Sources

Post content on full autopilot from any site RSS feed. Total freedom to find and use unique niche content!

But You Can More Than Double The Effectiveness By Getting This PRO Upgrade

You already know the value of posting unique content to your site. Spinner Bros does an amazing job of taking articles and making them ready to use over and over again. A single click of the spinner cuts your writing time and money in half.

But what if I told you that with this upgrade you don’t need to spend hours writing content ever again?

Our team worked overtime to build an Article Engines that enables you to curate both viral and topical content from popular places like Buzz Feed and Reddit and EVEN the RSS feeds which most popular sites have.

And with this WordPress plugin, all of your sites pull in content based on your keywords at your selected posting frequency. Set it once, content forever.

Every site owner needs good content and this upgrade enables you to add it instantly to your sites.

Here Are The Powerful Content-Producing Article Engines You’ll Receive With This Upgrade

Trending Traffic

Hopping on trends is the single most powerful way to bring viral traffic to your site. With this upgrade you get the ability to spot trends and pull in the topics that people are talking about NOW.

(Trending Traffic subscription required – $17/m)
Google News

If you’re looking for newsworthy content on many topics, Google News is the perfect source. Providing short summaries, it’s great for pulling in fresh content and linking out to other authority sites.


Reddit is an amazing source of user generated content on every topic you can imagine. Whether it be politics, dragons, watches, or really anything, this is the perfect source for niche content of all types.

Article Builder

We integrate with the most popular article database and combine it with Spinner Bros to give you fresh and unique content for your site. Just add your Article Builder API key and away you go!

RSS Feeds

We want you to have the ability to easily add content from just about any site that you look at. To do that we built an RSS engine that grabs a site’s RSS feed and sucks in the content for you to use.

Daily Posts on Autopilot

Automatically find, spin, and post content to your WordPress blog at a drip rate you define. Each data source has a separate drip rate, enabling you to fully control the posts going to your site.

Five Powerful Data Sources

Find content covering practically every niche with Google News, RSS Feeds, and Reddit… And combine it with the most popular viral/trending articles (powered by Trending Traffic) for the ultimate in content automation.

Upgrade Value

$85/month ($17 for each data source every month)



Special Launch Pricing

Exclusively for this launch, we’re offering this upgrade – INCLUDED!

FIREPost + PRO Upgrade + Article Engine

ONE TIME Payment

All Sales are Final