Facebook Fanpage Research

Analyzing Facebook fanpages, fanpage posts and post comments with 5 built-in tools for uncovering the secrets behind any successful fanpage  will give you the competitive advantage. Get 27 different metrics for every fanpage on facebook.

Get Interests for Facebook Ads
Fanpage names can also be “interest keywords” for facebook ad campaigns!

Therefore, we use a feature that instantly retrieves the audience size for any fanpage names that are included in the facebook interest keyword database.

Get ALL the data you need …

– Page name, audience size, fan count, talking about, fan ratio, star rating, rating count.

– Rating ratio, category, description, about, company overview, mission, products.

– Emails, websites, phone, city, country, state, street, ZIP, can post, is verified, start date, page score.

Get all the emails and websites for any fanpages you want.

Contact page owners to build valuable marketing relationships to skyrocket your facebook marketing success!

Page Scores

Sophisticated page scores for all pages to get a “REAL” sense of the true page value!

Comes with a corresponding page score report for any fanpage!

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Page Top Analysis

The top of the fanpage is very important for making a first impression and an important factor for representing the brand awareness when users interact with the page.

The page top analysis section reveals the most important elements that need to be integrated into the page along with valuable suggestions to improve it.

Facebook Fanpage Research 14
Facebook Fanpage Research 15

Content / Description Analysis

The content and description of a fanpage gives followers more incentive to engage and interact with the page.

This analysis section provides more insight into the important elements needed while providing recommendations to improve the page content.

Response Analysis

Facebook followers really want fast responses and the ability to post content on pages they love.

This can dramatically increase engagement and long term follower commitment to your brand or service.

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Facebook Fanpage Research 17

Engagement Analysis

Follower engagement is a key element to building up your loyal user community.

This report reveals the important factors representing how much engagement the page is receiving. Using this report section and with a few tweaks, your pages can be optimized for maximum engagement.

Activity Analysis

One of the most important factors of any fanpage, is posting the correct content and delivering the content in an optimal manner.

The activity analysis report section quickly summarizes past post activity showing you the break-down of each important aspect that needs attention.

It is well known, the most engaging content are videos and pictures, plus the optimal time to post content is thursday – sunday between 1pm – 4pm.

This report section quickly shows you the percentages for each important element giving you and instant picture of what to improve!

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