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There are over 2.5billion emails sent every day… This strategy is the difference to why ours get opened. We craft outstanding campaigns to ensure that your emails have a higher success rate of being opened and read! As email marketing specialists, our team creates fantastic campaigns with awesome content and kick ass click through rates; trumping industry standard CTR’s and making us a top agency! Take a look at a recent freebie we gave to our mailing list, providing three professional email seasonal templates created with increased ROI in mind. Each of these email templates was created for our clients, with their campaigns generating between $10,000 and $20,000 in revenue. How are our campaigns so successful for our clients? We use ‘The Perfect Promo Sequence’.

The Perfect Promotional Sequence

There is a science behind the perfect promo sequence when it comes to sending out campaigns that lead to sales. Follow this article and apply it to your email marketing efforts and you will start to see fantastic results.

The perfect promo works in four simple steps!

Send a warm up content-based email that promotes and teases your database with a potential purchase. Basically put your brand and products into the minds of your audience before you give them the juicy details of your fantastic new offer/promotion. Move forward and send a well-crafted promotional email written by a fantastic copywriter and loaded with awesome copywriting techniques. Remember that you are writing for people in your promo email; so keep the copy simple and funny. Write with the consumer in mind and think about what information to present to help persuade them to buy your product. So you’ve emailed and not everybody opened? Retarget this section of your audience by changing the subject lines to something different. Consider making your retargeting personable in order to garner the best results. Segmentation can be paramount as you graft subject lines for different interests, ages and genders. Finalize the promo sequence by sending out a few urgent emails that give your database a sense of urgency/time limit on your promotion. Make people buy out of the fear of missing out on a great opportunity that is exclusive and limited to time constraints or lack of stock.

What kind of subject line will you need?

There are five categories that you can select from when crafting an awesome subject line! Curiosity: Make your audience think, entice them into wanting to know what happens next. These types of subject lines can be the highest opened in a campaign.


Tired of being tired? Could this be the cure? What will your friends think of this?

Benefit Driven: Give your audience a great benefit that they will receive if they purchase your product. Use tangible emotional benefits for this, things that will really entice your target audience.


Get incredibly straight hair in 3 minutes with EASE. Silky smooth legs? Your boyfriend is going to be so impressed!

Specific: Specifying within your subject line will peak people’s interests and believe the copy that they are reading. Pinpointing detail can really make people open an email and read on! Examples: How Sarah got a whiter smile in just 23 minutes a day This dress will make you 69% more attractive. Personal: The more personal that you can make your subject line, the more intimate and personable it appears to the audience. Try and use people’s names where possible. This may require a professionally segmented email list targeting your audience’s unique likes and aspirations.


Hey Sarah, we know you love yoga… Sarah, we picked these yoga pants just for you…

Proof: Simply giving a subject line social proof and displaying 3rd party interest can help to convince your audience to open it up! People trust people and become curious when they see that others have benefitted from your product.


Get smooth silky hair just like Sarah did… How did James get that look?

Why will people buy from you? Customers don’t just buy on a whim… Most of the time they buy for one of four reasons!


Think of why a car salesman wants you to test drive a vehicle? So your imagination conjures images of the car in your driveway, what the neighbors and colleagues will think, how it will feel cruising down the highway… All this has to be threaded into promotional copy. Logic: Why does it make sense for the customer to purchase this product at this time? Are you selling an Umbrella in the summer? Shaving foam before your customer has bought a razor? We research logic so that your sales and promo emails make sense to the potential customer in mind. Social Proof: This is paramount in email marketing; third party recommendations can increase conversion rates by over 10%. People trust people! Scarcity/Urgency: Making a customer appreciate the value of your offer by tying it to a time frame or a potential sellout can entice them to buy, thus increasing CTR’s and sales. Sticking a timeout countdown on an offer can boost sales immensely. All of our expertise are threaded into each template email that we send you. Every month we’re giving you the opportunity to send out 20 different variations of email to your database. Each subject line and email body have been carefully crafted to boost your sales…

How long should your email be?

Keep your email as long as it needs to be… Don’t write too little or too much, just give enough to influence, excite and entice your audience. Split test to understand what works for your audience and segment accordingly… Different people respond differently, sometimes according to the length of your copy. Don’t forget to spend time researching both your audience and their likes, needs and aspirations. Ask yourself two questions…

Who am I writing for? What information shall I present to the reader so that they can take action?

Don’t forget a CTA! The best way to acquire a sale is to ask or one! A CTA is a ‘Call to Action’, it’s more than likely the reason that you write your email campaigns. Including CTA’s in your email gives the audience the opportunity to follow your lead and invest in a product or service of yours. Try and include a minimum of four CTA’s in a promo email, these can be hyperlinks, images, gifs, jpg’s, anything that gives the reader the opportunity or incentive to click through to your offer or page. Include a CTA link in the first paragraph of your email and then scatter them throughout the copy. Finish the final email of your sequence with an image or button. Give the reader several opportunities to purchase or access more information. The more chances they have to click and receive more information, the more likely they will use this distraction to delve deeper.

How can you improve a CTA?

Sex up your CTA with a gif! Moving images attract attention and can entice readers to click through to your product. Include a ‘play video’ icon linking through to a video on your landing page. This is likely to persuade readers into becoming viewers and take them a step closer to a purchase. Use images to display the end result that your email/product offers. If the end result is Sarah’s straight hair, upload an image of Sarah as proof. This is cure to increase click through rates! When crafting an email use the ORB technique… Let’s be honest, promo emails have three objectives:

  • Get your subscribers to open the email.
  • Get them to read through the email.
  • Convince them to buy your product.

Although these are simple objectives, unless somebody does all three, it’s unlikely that they will buy!
Take your time to ensure that you think your email through and set all objectives so that your audience has a smooth ride to deciding to spend. Remember, the perfect promotional sequence is a simple process with a science behind it. We’ve spent years honing our craft giving our clients fantastic results by adapting and evolving with technology and trends. If this all sounds like hard work… Here’s a simple solution!

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