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My view is that this is a jewelry box. Closed to the outside, dark and mysterious, containing hidden treasure inside. Treasure only for the intended. The occupants and activities are the stars of the show and the house a stage for the play of life. Hence the black interior walls and ceiling – Just the stage illuminated.

When you boil down a house to its first principles and ask what it’s for and what is the best solution, it comes down to people and what’s really important – People being healthy, comfortable. And having the highest quality of life.

Core values: comfort, sustainability and cost of living.

Superior Comfort

Temperatures indoor remain at a stable and blissfully comfortable level all year round, with very little heating or cooling required. It’s also wonderfully quiet and peaceful inside when the doors and windows are closed. All incoming air filtered to HEPA standard.

Improved Health

Mechanical ventilation ensures stale, humid or otherwise polluted indoor air is continuously replaced with fresh filtered air. The indoor levels of duct, pollen and excess moisture is reduced, especially great for people with asthma or hay fever.

Good for the Planet

Uses about 90% less energy for heating and cooling compared to a house built-to-Code. High performance components. Lowest amount of concrete and non-recyclable materials used. Reduced copper, wood, concrete and gypsum board usage.

Cost of Living

Least amount of electricity used, lowest Council rates bill, Self sufficient water and wastewater. Maintenance free.

Universal Design

Suits all stages of life. Reconfigurable internal fitout and garaging. Disabled friendly.

Construction Speed

Builds 2x faster than traditional methods. No special skillsets required. Being designed as ‘Off-grid’ means no wait for Council to install infrastructure.

Infrastructure Independent

No water, electricity, gas or sewerage infrastructure required. Even internet can be ‘Off-grid’.

Construction Cost

20-50% lower than traditional construction.


Smart house entry for emergency services, LED lighting, Induction cooking, pure potable water supply.

Dark walls to highlight important things (Art, People, Food etc.)

Multi-layer details (Chiseled edge on benchtop, pinstripes, texture)

Focus on the activity in the room, not the room (e.g. Kitchen – Food, Bathroom – Bath)

The future of home is a place where performance, design, and modern technology define the new normal.

Universal design, Net zero, Self-reliant high-performance housing at affordable prices. How can an intelligent home do that?

  • Sensors, in order to make anything better you first need the ability to track it, we’re measuring and tracking over 200 real-time data points in every home.
  • Air Quality, through our sensor array, the air is sampled throughout the home CO2, Carbon Monoxide, VOCs, particulate matter, and formaldehyde off-gassing (an unfortunate side effect of some building materials and lifestyle choices).  If we sense an increase in any unhealthy air quality, we boost our fresh air delivery system to completely recycle the air within the home.
  • Convenience, ever found the shower was at the wrong temperature? It’s not really enjoyable, is it? Well, has a multi-person setting so that you have a shower at just your right temperature within seconds of turning it on.
  • Durability one of the most important impacts our buildings can have is performing over the test of time, that’s why our sensors are constantly monitoring building performance and will alert you if anything doesn’t look right, moisture where it shouldn’t be, energy consumption that doesn’t seem right, you’ll be notified.
  • Better Tomorrow, technology changes fast, so m=needs to be upgradable and “future-proofed” to allow owners to update homes as new technology evolves.

And we’ve done all this while holding true to a few core beliefs:

  • Privacy and Security are extensions of the owner’s health: Systems are private and secure by design; owners choose who gets access to what information and when.
  • Data and Science-based design: we are firm believers in “You can’t improve what you don’t measure,” to that end we endeavor to securely and privately measure as much as possible and develop systems to continually improve our homes.
  • Owners should choose how they interact with their homes: whether it be voice, physical switches, an app, or holograms of tomorrow, we believe that owners should interact with their homes in whatever fashion they prefer/choose.

Why Choose a Solar Ready Home?

It’s no secret that the world needs to break its addiction to carbon and pollutant releasing fossil fuels, and a home solar system is a step in the right direction. Power outages and power bills are no longer an issue.

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