Cloud Storage and Backups

Do you do backups?

Bet you don’t!!

We all mean to backup our data but always seem to find other things more interesting to occupy our time. One day, the dreaded nightmare happens – a drive fails, your laptop or phone gets stolen!

Yup, been there, done that (twice) myself. Had a hard drive fail and lost all my emails when an ISP wiped them and denied doing so!

The solution that suits a lazy (or busy!) person is to have a ‘set and forget’ solution. This is where a synchronised cloud storage solution is brilliant. I have a desktop folder I can drop items into for backup and can also set which individual folders on my system I want synchronised in the background (Documents, Photos etc.).

The advantages don’t stop there, I can access my files from an internet cafe or the library, from a phone or a desktop.

I started with several free providers which I still use for some data, the rest I keep on our webserver which allows me to share the data or keep it private.

I use a wonderful application from to keep track of all my cloud storage lockers – makes life so much easier to manage.

At jam88, we offer cloud backups that let you synchronise folders of your choice. You download our software and simply select which folders you want to back up. You can also encrypt your files for added security.

I’ve used Linux for years and Windows occasionaly. I will often have both Linux and Windows running on the same machine (Virtualisation) and find cloud storage a very simple and easy way to move files around between Photoshop and my Linux system when building websites.

I backup my phone to the cloud in case I lose it and my wife keeps her recipes there so she can access them from work, phone or tablet. Chef’s love to share recipes!

If you want any help with your cloud storage or backup issues or just want to add to this article, please send me an email, I’d love to help you.

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