VPS Server builds

We are offering extremely secure VPS builds : eNginx Ubuntu OpenVZ Naxsi Mod_Security Fail2Ban Country blocking Over 200 customisations. So – If you think : I have no idea how to do it? Looks too hard? Nobody to help you? Scared by the responsibility? Scared by setup fees? Spent months trying to understand the jargon? …

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Build your own VPS

So simple, your Mum could do it. Having set up our own VPS servers, we realised there was a gap when moving from shared hosting to your own VPS. Lots of articles on the internet but no single source that explained the process and steps in a way we could all understand. Being a Technical …

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WordPress Training

11 Videos explaining WordPress and how it works. Ideal for new marketers or bloggers. These videos will explain how to use the World’s number one blogging platform to build and maintain your own website. 11 Videos covering : Getting Started With WordPress Installing WordPress Quickly Configure WordPress Easily Introduction To Plugins Installing Plugins Adding Pages …

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Wirenine website hosting

Award winning web hosting company empowering the web for over 11 years! WireNine was founded in 2004 by two tech-savvy enthusiasts since then we have grown and developed our hosting company to meet the challenges and demands of customers from every walk of life. Our mission is simple: to give you the fastest web hosting …

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