$100 Website – Terms and Conditions

About the website we will build for you :

About the Website:
Website will be developed based on WordPress with ecommerce by WooCommerce.

Themes will be any standard theme available on the WordPress theme section. Premium themes can be used but at an extra cost. Some complicated themes will require extra work, so please ask for a quote for extra work before selecting or supplying a theme.

Pagebuilders – We do not use or include them.

No hacked or stolen materials can or will be included in the site.

eCommerce is NOT included but is available as an extra.

Pages – 4 main pages are included.

Google requires the following extra pages (Only those relevant to your site) :

  • Privacy policy
  • Copyright notices
  • Terms and conditions of use
  • Disclaimers
  • Accessibility information
  • Abuse or complaints contact information
  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Corporate policies
  • About Us
  • Contact Details
  • Affiliate Disclaimer
  • Copyright Statement.

We will include any of these pages in the price but they must be supplied by you in a format we can copy easily to the site.

Images :

  • Image size – Minimum 300x300px for products
  • Backgrounds, headers etc. – Please ask
  • Logos – Please ask as it varies by theme and placement
  • Must either be owned by you or be Creative Commons
  • 72dpi with no image exceeding 150Kb in size. Alteration is an extra cost.

Content :

  • Must be ‘Ready to publish’ – Editing is extra
  • You take full responsibility for ensuring you have the right to use the content.
  • Must be organised by web page title / heading.

Style :

Style and  positioning / presentation is set by the theme. NO adjustments to this are possible. All themes have options that cover a lot of variables but requests like “Please move the logo to the middle” are not possible. If in doubt – Please discuss before we start.

Please understand :

We are building you a ‘Starter’ site. The bells and whistles you see on other sites are more work and cost accordingly. Normally a custom website would cost $2000 and more.