We are offering extremely secure VPS builds :

  • eNginx
  • Ubuntu
  • OpenVZ
  • Naxsi
  • Mod_Security
  • Fail2Ban
  • Country blocking
  • Over 200 customisations.

So – If you think :

I have no idea how to do it?

Looks too hard?

Nobody to help you?

Scared by the responsibility?

Scared by setup fees?

Spent months trying to understand the jargon?

Bewildered and overwhelmed?

Problem solved!


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Sendy and Amazon are a match made on the internet – your own self-hosted autoresponder and the highest delivery rate mailer teamed to work for your business. Best of all – Under $90.

  • Sendy is currently $USD59
  • Amazon is free for 1 year
  • Our fee to install and setup everything $USD30

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You will need :

  • An Amazon account
  • Access to cPanel on your web host

Note: Obviously we will need access to these accounts to install your autoresponder. Once installed and tested, please change these credentials. We do NOT keep these details after the work is done and no customer information is kept on a server – we use old fashioned pencils and paper.

This VPN service can be used to:

Access videos from any country – Bypass online blocks to access foreign content like a local. Get to websites back home when you’re abroad. Bypass government or workplace censorship of sites like Facebook, Gmail and YouTube.

Evade hackers – Enjoy complete security, even on public wifi connections. Prevent hackers stealing your personal passwords, bank account and credit card details and protect your device from malware, phishing and spam sites.

Our VPN service outstrips the competition with these benefits:

The best global network – With servers in 151 countries, blocks on accessing web content abroad melt away.

Easy-to-use software – Just download, choose your virtual location from across the world, and secure encryption begins.

24/7 customer support.

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So simple, your Mum could do it.

Having set up our own VPS servers, we realised there was a gap when moving from shared hosting to your own VPS.

Lots of articles on the internet but no single source that explained the process and steps in a way we could all understand.

Being a Technical Writer – I wrote a book!

This is step by step instructions, NO geek speak explanations – just “Do this, then this”.

It simply does not get any easier for the novice.

Available from :


11 Videos explaining WordPress and how it works. Ideal for new marketers or bloggers. These videos will explain how to use the World’s number one blogging platform to build and maintain your own website.

11 Videos covering :

  • Getting Started With WordPress
  • Installing WordPress Quickly
  • Configure WordPress Easily
  • Introduction To Plugins
  • Installing Plugins
  • Adding Pages and Posts
  • Adding Pictures and Videos
  • Introduction To Themes
  • How To Use Widgets
  • Using WordPress Menus
  • Setup A Simple WordPress Site

ONLY $20!

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Award winning web hosting company empowering the web for over 11 years!
WireNine was founded in 2004 by two tech-savvy enthusiasts since then we have grown and developed our hosting company to meet the challenges and demands of customers from every walk of life.

Our mission is simple: to give you the fastest web hosting experience with guaranteed satisfaction.

Why you will  love WireNine

We may not be the largest hosting provider out there, but we see that as a strong point. We’re small enough to stay in touch with our customers, and we will never treat you like a number. Our team is passionate about customer satisfaction and we know that our success lies in the success of our customers.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Your 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We are so confident in our ability to WOW you as a customer – we have our very own money back guarantee. If you are not completely happy, ask us for a refund.

Personal touch
We aren’t a faceless corporation; we believe in giving each of our customers a personal service that is second to none. That means getting to know you and your business, ensuring our products and services keeping YOU in mind.

Secure & Trusted Datacenters
Our servers are housed at top-tier data centers who use multiple network providers to ensure redundancy and capacity, onsite generators, backups, physical security and multiple network transit paths.

Fast Amazing Hardware
We won’t scrimp on investing in the latest hardware and software. We’re not interested in taking shortcuts or giving our customers ‘satisfactory’ levels of service – we want to be the best hosting company you have ever experienced.

Our Promise to you
We want to make you a promise that we will always deliver quality web hosting service, excellent friendly support and treat you like family. If at anytime you are dissatisfied with our service or support and don’t feel like you are getting your money’s worth, our CEO invites you to personally email him [email protected] with your concern. Don’t forget to include a brief summary of your issue, team member’s name and support ticket number involving your incident. You will receive a response within 24 hours and a guaranteed resolution within 48 hours.

It was April 2010 when I decided to take my overriding passion and turn it into a fully-fledged business.

In December, I became The Suitcase Entrepreneur! And I began my mission to help both men and women who wanted greater freedom in business and adventure in life.

How do I run my profitable mobile business?
To tell the truth, my business has been built by a whole lot of determination and hustle! It consists of nine major revenue streams that have grown organically out of my blog and subsequent brand building:

– Digital product and program sales
– My foundational program – The Freedom Plan
– Compensation for recommending products, programs and tools I adore
– Podcast Sponsorship with awesome companies I am proud to align with
– My No #1 Bestselling Suitcase Entrepreneur book (with more to come)
– Paid speaking gigs around the world!

My Business and Lifestyle Vision
My life changed again in 2013 when I decided to publicly state my vision for my business and life – what I wanted to achieve in the next three years. I did this by making a ‘Painted Picture’ and I shared it on my blog and through Slideshare. Since then, over 60% has come true!

This initiative has had over 48,000 views to date and has been shared all around the world, for which I’m really honoured. It has directly helped people create their own and take action, for which I’m grateful.

In January 2015, I created my NEW vision for life and business along with my ‘grand plans’ to create the World’s first Global Freedom Study, and much more…

I’d be honoured if you read it now like over 17,000 others!      View Here